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Conquering the Rain: Best Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves for Every Rid

Hitting the open road is a liberating experience, but rain can quickly dampen your spirits (pun intended). Fortunately, a good pair of waterproof motorcycle gloves can keep your hands dry and comfortable, ensuring you enjoy the ride rain or shine. But with so many options on the market, choosing the best waterproof motorcycle gloves can feel overwhelming. This guide will equip you with the knowledge you need to find the perfect pair for your riding style and budget in 2024.

Understanding Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves

There are two main factors to consider when choosing waterproof motorcycle gloves: the outer shell and the liner. The outer shell is the first line of defense against rain and wind. Popular materials include leather, textile, and a combination of both. Leather offers excellent abrasion resistance but can be stiff and less breathable. Textile is often more flexible and breathable, but may not be as abrasion-resistant. Look for a glove with a waterproof treatment or membrane, such as Gore-Tex, to ensure your hands stay dry.

The liner is a waterproof and breathable inner layer that wicks away moisture from your hands. This is important for keeping your hands comfortable on long rides, especially in hot or humid weather. Some gloves have a removable liner that can be washed or replaced for added convenience.

Top Considerations for Choosing Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves

Here are some key factors to consider when selecting your waterproof motorcycle gloves:

Riding Style:

Consider the type of riding you do most often. Touring riders will need gloves that offer warmth, comfort, and breathability for long distances. Adventure riders may prioritize gloves with rugged construction and good dexterity for off-road riding. Street riders might prefer a shorter cuff glove for a more streamlined feel.

Keep your hands dry and comfortable on every ride with our guide to the best waterproof motorcycle gloves. Explore top picks, features to consider, and additional tips for wet weather riding.


Think about the weather conditions you’ll be riding in most. For cold weather riding, look for gloves with a thermal liner or insulation. For hot weather riding, prioritize breathability and ventilation.


Safety should always be the utmost priority when selecting gloves, particularly those designed for high-risk activities or hazardous materials. It is crucial to choose gloves that provide comprehensive protection, such as those featuring additional knuckle protection, reinforced padding in the palm and fingers to cushion against impacts, and abrasion-resistant materials to safeguard against potential injury. Additionally, gloves with a secure and comfortable fit can ensure optimal dexterity and grip, reducing the risk of accidents or slippage. When engaged in tasks that pose a risk to hand safety, investing in gloves that offer these essential features can help mitigate potential hazards and provide peace of mind, allowing for confident and secure handling of tools or materials. Selecting the right protective gloves is a critical step in maintaining personal safety and minimizing the likelihood of hand-related injuries during work or recreational activities.


You need to be able to feel the controls of your motorcycle comfortably. Choose gloves that offer a good balance of protection and flexibility.


In addition to essential protective features, certain gloves boast supplementary functionalities designed to enhance convenience and performance during various activities. For instance, gloves with touchscreen compatibility enable users to operate smartphones or touchscreen devices without needing to remove their gloves, providing uninterrupted access to digital technology. Reflective accents integrated into the design ensure improved visibility during low-light conditions, enhancing safety and reducing the risk of accidents when engaging in outdoor activities at night. Moreover, the inclusion of a visor wipe on the thumb allows for convenient and efficient clearing of moisture or debris from the visor while participating in activities such as motorcycling or other sports where visibility is crucial. These additional features not only contribute to the overall versatility and usefulness of the gloves but also address specific needs related to diverse recreational or work-related scenarios, thereby offering greater functionality and practicality to the user.


Top Waterproof Motorcycle Glove Picks for 2024

Here’s a curated selection of some of the best waterproof motorcycle gloves on the market, catering to different riding styles and budgets:

Best Overall: Klim Adventure GTX Short Gloves

These premium gloves from Klim are a favorite among adventure riders for their exceptional comfort, durability, and waterproofing. Made from premium goatskin leather with a Gore-Tex waterproof membrane, the Adventure GTX gloves provide excellent protection from the elements while maintaining a good level of feel for the controls. They also come with Knox SPS palm protection and D3O knuckle armor for added safety.

Best Budget Option: Dainese Tempest D-Dry Gloves

The Dainese Tempest D-Dry gloves offer impressive value for the price. They feature a comfortable textile construction with a D-Dry waterproof membrane to keep your hands dry. These gloves also come with knuckle protection and reinforced palm for added safety. Riders consistently praise the Tempest gloves for their comfort and affordability.

Best for Warm Weather: REV’IT! Hydra 2 H2O Gloves

The REV’IT! Hydra 2 H2O gloves are a great option for warm weather riders. They’re constructed from a lightweight and breathable hydratex waterproof material that keeps your hands dry without sacrificing airflow. The Hydra 2 H2O gloves also have a comfortable fleece lining for added warmth on cooler mornings or evenings.

Keep your hands dry and comfortable on every ride with our guide to the best waterproof motorcycle gloves. Explore top picks, features to consider, and additional tips for wet weather riding.

Best for Cold Weather: Held Air N Dry Gloves GORE-TEX

For cold weather riders, the Held Air N Dry Gloves GORE-TEX are a top choice. These gloves feature a two-in-one construction with a waterproof Gore-Tex liner that can be worn on its own in mild conditions or combined with the outer shell for maximum warmth and waterproofing. The Held Air N Dry Gloves also come with kangaroo leather palms for excellent dexterity and abrasion resistance.

Best for Touring: Alpinestars Stella Andes Drystar Gloves

The Alpinestars Stella Andes Drystar Gloves are specifically designed for women riders and are a great choice for touring. They feature a durable textile construction with a Drystar waterproof membrane to keep your hands dry. The Andes Drystar Gloves also have knuckle protection, a thermal lining for warmth, and a visor wipe on the thumb for added convenience.

Additional Tips for Keeping Your Hands Dry While Riding

Here are some additional tips for keeping your hands dry while riding:

Treat your leather gloves:

Leather, known for its natural water resistance, can be further maintained and protected through the regular application of a suitable leather treatment or conditioner. This practice not only helps in preserving the material’s inherent flexibility and strength but also plays a crucial role in enhancing its ability to repel moisture, thereby extending its longevity and durability. A high-quality leather treatment or conditioner nourishes the material, preventing it from drying out and cracking while also safeguarding it against the potential detrimental effects of exposure to water and other environmental elements. Embracing this proactive approach to leather care not only sustains the material’s aesthetic appeal and tactile quality but also contributes to the protection and longevity of leather products, ensuring that they continue to serve their intended purposes effectively over time.

Use hand covers:

For short rides in light rain, a good pair of rain covers can be an affordable way to keep your hands dry. Look for covers made from a waterproof material with a fleece lining for added warmth.


Keep an extra pair of gloves on hand:

If you’re going on a long ride or expect to encounter rain, it’s a good idea to pack an extra pair of gloves. This way, you can change into dry gloves if your first pair gets wet.

Use heated grips:

Heated grips can be a great way to keep your hands warm and dry in cold or wet weather. These aftermarket grips install on your handlebars and connect to your motorcycle’s electrical system.

Finding the Perfect Pair of Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves

With so many great options available, finding the perfect pair of waterproof motorcycle gloves comes down to considering your individual needs and preferences. By understanding the different features and factors to consider, you can choose gloves that will keep your hands dry and comfortable on every ride.

Don’t forget to prioritize safety when selecting your gloves. Look for gloves with good protection features such as knuckle armor and padding. Remember, your hands are essential for controlling your motorcycle, so it’s important to invest in a quality pair of gloves that will keep you safe on the road.

Conquer the Rain and Ride in Comfort

Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge to choose the best waterproof motorcycle gloves, it’s time to hit the road with confidence, rain or shine. Browse through the wide selection of  motorcycle gloves available online or at your local motorcycle gear shop to find the perfect pair for your next adventure. Happy riding!